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Alto Kick12 Instrument Amplifier

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  • 4-channel/250W peak power amplifier
  • 12-inch low frequency transducer, 1-inch compression driver
  • True bi-amped design
  • Custom-tuned electronic crossover
  • Four-channel mixer with stereo inputs and an XLR input
  • Level, effects and high & low EQ controls on all four channels
  • Built-in Alesis DSP with 256 effect presets

Product Description

The Alto Kick12 Instrument Amplifier gives you just that, a kick. With 250 Watts in a true bi-amped design, a handpicked, custom-tuned electronic crossover along with a four-channel mixer and built-in Alesis effects, the Alto Kick12 has keyboard players, drummers and anyone needing a PA system (for small to medium venues) sorted.

True Bi-Amped Design

Along with being super-powerful the Alto Kick12 Instrument Amplifier is also seriously versatile. Perfect for a variety of situations the amp offers up all the necessary inputs and outputs, along with an onboard four-channel mixer and built-in effects.

With a system that does so much it would be pretty useless if it wasn’t reliable. The Alto Kick 12 Instrument Amplifier definitely doesn’t fall short there. The Kick12’s 12″ LF woofer and 1″ HF driver each have their own amp to ensure your audience hears every frequency clearly without punishing the amp.

Custom-Tuned Electronic Crossover

Alto pride themselves on making gear that they themselves want to use. Unsurprisingly then the Alto Kick12 Drum Monitor features a handpicked, custom-tuned crossover. Splitting your signal with precision this important component ensure the highs and lows get to the tweeter and the woofer with no unwanted cross over, to deliver clean and crisp sound every time.

Built-in 24-bit Alesis Digital Effects Processor

The already astounding Alto Kick12 Keyboard Amplifier takes things even further with the addition of 24-bit DSP effects provided by Alesis. Stuffed with an astounding 256 effects presets (16 effects, each with 16 variations), including delay, flanger, chorus and multiple reverbs, you’ll never be without the effect you need. What’s more you can hook up a footswitch (available separately) to turn effects on and off mid-performance easily. Each channel also has its own FX Level control.

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