Technology and Music

Innovative music has always been inextricably linked to technology. The Pythagorean’s  set scales in accordance with their mathematical concepts of harmony in nature, Mozart wrote groundbreaking concertos centered around the newly invented piano, and The Beatles completely changed the face of popular music by pioneering almost every modern recording technique.

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Louder is Better? The Q trap!

Loudness tricks of the brain!

By now you should know all about the Loudness War, and how our ears & brain are easily fooled into thinking Louder is Better. If you are an experienced recording or mixing engineer, you are probably well aware of this phenomenon, and have figured out your own methods of compensating for loudness differences so you can make more accurate judgments. Continue reading “Louder is Better? The Q trap!”


Piano for Body, Mind and Soul

There has always been a recognized trinity between the mind, the body, and the therapeutic qualities of music. And the piano, specifically, has been a long-recognized source of remedy for those seeking escape and creative expression. But recent years have also offered a wealth of scientific studies that demonstrate our instincts have always been correct: playing the piano offers proven benefits—from physical and intellectual to social and emotional—to people of all ages.

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Embracing Technology in Music Education

¾As musicians we are influenced by technology in all aspects of the profession.  This includes being a performer, arranger, composer and educator. If you are not one with lots of technology savvy, then this article is written to help  you (the musician/instructor) with some of the basic tools available to you which when implemented, can make life much easier and make your students experience more rewarding. Continue reading “Embracing Technology in Music Education”