About me:

How I develop  my websites

My preferred method of development is to build upon the _s, or underscores starter theme by Automattic. I create my own PHP WordPress templates from scratch I develop in Sublime Text, write all my stylesheets in SASS and use Compass to compile my CSS. I build every website from a mobile first perspective and, with the aid of some Ruby Gems such as Singularity.gs for creating grids & Breakpoint for handling media queries, ensure that every site I develop is fully responsive and future proof. Photoshop is my program of choice when it comes to image manipulation and I have all the skills required to do anything a web designer may require of it.

Why I use underscores.me

The reason I use _s for my starter theme is because I want to make it my own and be original without having to overwrite too many unwanted styles, also it’s developed by Automattic who are responsible for creating themes for WordPress,  I want to create themes that are as good as Automattic’s so who better to go to for a starter theme than the people WordPress themselves go to.

My view on responsive design

I believe everything should be responsive especially in today’s world where almost everyone browses the internet on a multitude of mobile devices, why wouldn’t you want your website to function smoothly and look dazzling on every phone, tablet, mini-laptop & notebook.

What browser do I use to develop my websites

I design my websites on Chrome, when finished I use BrowserStack to check for compatibility and then test for responsiveness on other browsers such as Mozilla, Opera, Safari & of course Internet Explorer.

I believe everybody’s browsing experience should be the same regardless of what internet browser they’re using or what device they choose to browse the web.